Top Powerful Checklists For SEO & SEM

Hello People, If you are still using the old way of checklists for SEO,SEM and Social Media then you are in a very Backward Position from your Competitor. So come in the present it's 2017, I'm going to tell you the few Important Checklists here –

Top Checklist For SEO, you must do-
  • Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool.
  • Ensure that there is Robot.txt file.
  • Check the Sitemaps.
  • Check the Pagespeed at Google Pagespeed Insights.
  • Ensure that the website is User-Friendly and have AMP version of it.
  • Check Broken Links.
  • Check the Domain Authority of the Website.
  • Check Proper Title, Meta description and ALT tags.

  • Apart from this,

  • Find the 301 and 302 Redirects.
  • Check how relevant the content of Website is.
  • If it is e-Commerce Website, then it's mandatory to have SSL Certificate to build Credibility.

  • Scope Of Digital Marketing In India

    Are you interested in Digital Marketing? But you are afraid about the future scope in Digital Marketing, am I right? Many Questions arises in your mind that whether it has a good growth or not? Every Digital Marketing Aspirant suffers from this dilemma, even I had doubt about it before joining Digital Marketing field. So Don't worry about it, you have selected a right path for your good and bright Carrer. In this article, you will read about the scope in Digital marketing.

    Did you know? According to, India ranks at the 2nd position with the highest Internet users all over the world after China. First, there was only Traditional Marketing to promote the business/brands. But now the situation changed and slowly Digital Marketing came into the Picture. The Prediction says, in future the chances of promoting any Business/Brand would become 50-50% both in traditional and Digital Marketing. If you go for TV ads then it'll take more than 1-2 weeks if your content is ready and if your content is not ready then at least it'll take 2-3 months. On the other side if you go for Digital Marketing then it'll be done in 1 day. This is the speed of promoting your brand/business on digital platforms.


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